Dié Kuur • Jou feesmedisyne vir 31 Maart

KKNK 2024


The versatile writer and playwright Willem Anker returns to the stage after ten years. A small town with an observatory on the hill beyond a dormant volcano is hit by a meteorite...
Marvin returns to his hometown, Schauderville, where he can spend one day with his old race walking coach, Uncle Smithie. He hasn’t been “innie Shôde”, where his younger brother, Malcolm is still caught up...
Hendrik returns to his parents’ home for the first time in 15 years. The house is deserted and he decides to wait in the dark cellar – where he spent most of his childhood...
Barnard Gilliland’s cousin, Jana Cilliers, yearns for a conversation with him. She hardly remembers him. He died sixty years ago at the early age of 24. He was considered highly promising...
Byster was awarded the Woordtrofee for Best Performance at the Toyota US Woordfees’ Fringe in 2023 and tells the story of an uninformed, naive young woman struggling to get through...
Dewie de Jager is a regular guy, not the type mothers warn their matric daughters against. He is the type that smiles shyly, then looks away, because it’s embarrassing for you both...

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Music for itchy feet abounds with a selection of South Africa's favourites on stage. Sing and dance with us from early afternoon til late at night. Here's a taste of who you can see on the Feesmark-verhoog.

Saturday 23 March:

Jovan & Thelma (12:00), Paul Amas & band (13:30), Alistair Izobell (15:00), Lisie Basson (16:30), Jay (18:00), Elandré (19:30), Die Heuwels Fantasties (21:00) and a DJ (from 22:30).

Sunday 24 March:

Prerogative Live Band (12:00), Michael Lindt (13:30), West (15:00), Congo Cowboys (16:30), Brendan Peyper (18:00), Ricus Nel (19:30), Appel (21:00) and a DJ (from 22:30).

Maandag 25 Maart:

Granville Michaels (12:00), Desmond Wells (13:30), Kurt Darren (15:00), The Rockettz New Generation (16:30), Karlien van Jaarsveld (18:00), Early B (19:30) and a DJ (from 21:00). 

Tuesday 26 March:

Hoërskool Outeniqua Jazz Band (12:00), Rubber Johnny (13:30), Tino (15:00), Barto (16:30), Die Piesangskille (18:00), Spoegwolf (19:30) and a DJ (from 21:00). 

KKNK Feesmark
KKNK 2024
Wednesday 27 March:

Zurilda (12:00), Naaim (13:30), Crushanda (15:00), Eloff (16:30), Jarrad Ricketts (18:00), Dodo Nyoka (19:30), Juanita du Plessis (21:00) and a DJ (from 22:30). 

Thursday 28 March:

Byron Minnie (12:00), Reborne Band (13:30), Wicus van der Merwe (15:00), Refentse (16:30), Bobby van Jaarsveld (18:00), Ouma Sarie and DJ Slide (19:30), Brandon Leigh’s Big Mix (21:00) and Busiswa (22:30).

Friday 29 March:

Bruin Biskuit (12:00), Paul Amas en band (13:30), Marissa (15:00), Vuvu Kumalo (16:30), Samantha Leonard (18:00), Demi Lee Moore (19:30), Riaan Benadé (21:00) and a DJ (from 22:30). 

Saturday 30 March:

Tino (12:00), Bruin Biskuit (13:30), Ray Dylan (15:00), Chris Steyn (16:30), Sunset Sweatshop (18:00), Francois van Coke (19:30), YoungstaCPT (21:00) and a DJ (from 22:30). 

Sunday 31 March:

Michael Lindt & band (11:00), Gugulethu Tenors (12:30), Jannie Moolman (14:00) and Jonathan Rubain (15:30).

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